Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon
(Metal coins included!)


Contact, conjure, and worship demons in this dark euro game.




Goetia: Nine kings of Solomon is a worker placement, resource management game where each player try to contact, conjure and worship goetic demons. The game is focusing on the 9 demon kings that appear in the scriptures Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis.

The game is played in clockwise turn order. Each turn the players place one of their 3 followers on a modular board. When placing a worker the players get the depicted resource(s).

Players can get more workers from the outskirts by paying all visible resource

s from that specific row or column. If you buy a worker early in a round the cost is high. If you buy a worker later the cost is low – all depending on how you and your opponents are playing.

Players can also pay one resource in order to send their workers to contact demons. By contacting demons players are awarded Demonic Attention. When a Demon has run out of attention, a Demon is conjured and players can now pay more resources to worship said Demon in order to get special abilities (Demonic Powers, Artifacts, Treasures).

Demonic Powers are worth Worship Points (WP). The player with the most coins and WP from demonic abilities and pacts is the winner.
When all demonic powers have been awarded to the player’s new special areas are uncovered where players can earn more Worship Points by exchanging cubes for Attention, or making Pacts with Demons.

The game ends when a player has 4 active Pacts with a Demon, or when a certain number of Pacts have been acquired by all players.

12x World’s Edge Cards
27x New World Cards
63x Demon Cards
27x World Cards
12x Scry Boards
14x Pact Cards
100x Wooden cubes
40x Custom meeples
45 Metal coins
1x Rulebook
1x Scorepad
1x Starting player marker
17x Reference and quick setup cards




Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 12 cm